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Hey,  hey,  bye  hello,  hey.  Hello.  Hello.  Hey.  Hello.  Or  corp  forgot.  Cos  over.  I  hope  it  works  whatsoever  for  Hale.  Hello,  Who  is,  hey.  4  4  5  bye.  Peace.  Bye,  throughout  the  that  we  have  so  those  thousands  of  our  positions,  so  if  we  can  get  you  HI.  Yeah,  cos  both.  I  hope  that  helps.  Hey,  hey,  hey,  hey,  by  a  lot  of  breath,  Hey  there  cos  it  was  what  you  want  to  go  on  the  car. Hey, bye bye, June, hey hey alright. Call goals. Hey there, hey cellphones are awesome. Bye, okay bye bye. Hello. Hello Hello. Hello. So I'll talk to say bye I don't. Hello filters, 24th, 25th. I just want to this message. 7. Go ahead. Hello, 4. Slash, 730 420 so clock Pro, 545864. Hey, 45836170 courts wanted us to talk over support our facilities so house quarter. Hello, hello. Hello Hey hold off. Hey, plus 4 4 hey hey Sales, hey back I a call when I called her but hey. Okay, so it would be able to Smith. But I was trying to make sure that you guys have my cellphone, plus call soon. Okay, bye hey. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hooper hello hello hello hello hello hello or her cellphone, It's Chris you, the purchase price.  Hey  what's  up.  It's  official  source.  I  will  see  sofa  awfully  office  funny.  What,  hey  this  is.  I  had  to  have  a  good  stuff  like  what  I  want  to  find  a  place  to  have  a  40.  Hey  HI  poor  choice,  hey.  Hello  point  cos  I  don't  know,  Hello.  I  don't  know  if  access  code  club.  Hmm  say  they  point  and  caller  Tyler,  plus  where  anymore  message,  for  a  later  hey,  players,  hey  bye  hey  costumes.  I'll  talk  to  you  later.  Bye. Of course. Bye, suck all of it was possible for toddlers you judge cos i saw so close plus hello hello hello hello hello. Goodbye off of offers, so I'll talk with the forces. This is an out of it. I guess course not girl who else. All class. Hey, hey, it's also. I'll talk to you soon. Hello far for us. Love to see if I pick this up as I said, hey hey, here on. Hey, We're all bush. Please. Hey, that cos she's 756 see what I said he okay. Louis. Dad and if he still okay. But because I think the I. I think 2 having have a book and I have a paper. Okay bye. I think we're gonna do a lot of over bye. Hello, this point.

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The preceding  is Google Voice’s translation of the video Collateral Murder via Google Voice which takes incoming calls and transcribes them. The transcription is not complete.

Transcribing "Collateral Murder"
Adam Trowbridge, July 2010